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I happen to admire your drive, your cultural pride, your generosity of spirit, your guts, your openness, and your baking.


Thank ya, sista!  You may not have been looking for an admiration post, but tooooooo bad!  Every day I marvel at how you strive to just be better, to want more out of life (and not “things”).  It took a lot to pick up and move, to decide you deserved better, to make a change.  Change is a scary mother fucker and many people stay in a shitty situation because it’s better the devil you know.  But you, you did it.  You just decided, rightfully, you are worth more.  You are a role model for every female in a shitastical situation… it can be done.  I am so proud to count you among my friends! *tosses a disc in the basket*

I’m leaving this here for me.

Just a reminder that I have the cutest dogs ever.

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We obviously don’t mess around. I’m now 100% confident in my ability with the ruger gp 100 and believe without any doubt that I’d be able to use it to my benefit.

Don’t mind me, I’m just watching TV whilst wielding an instrument of death-a fly swatter.

There’s a wide and distinct line between gun aficionados and the oft-used term “gun nut”. Appreciating and respecting something doesn’t make you a fanatic. I mean that although I appreciate my car as a tool for my use, and I respect it in relation to the laws of physics, I’m not a car nut. I’m not an expert on guns. But I learn to use mine in a safe and useful way in order to achieve a desired outcome. Getting from a to b is the same as defending my life and property-essential to my freedom. No, I’m not a gun nut. I’m practical.

The literal best day of the month

I woke up on this dreary, glorious Sunday and celebrated having a day off! Imagine the possibilities. There’s snow on the mountain again, full tank of gas, bills paid up through November, just pure glory.

The world is my oyster.

I spiced up my coffee with some 100 proof whiskey. I spent a few minutes online, planning some potential fun things to do today. Then, it happened. I found out that two days ago, the newest season of Parks and Recreation was added to Netflix. (you’re all ass holes for not mentioning this)

Stop the presses. The world is my oyster and you, best show since the office, you are my pearl.

Couch time.
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No, you have an addictive personality.